Client Services

In-house Contract Recruiting

For multiple search projects we can place a fully trained search recruiter at your facility. The recruiter is available for in-house behavioral interview training and is capable in establishing, organizing, and providing training for future internal recruiting staff. Behavioral interviewing is a professional assessment tool used to assist in the search process. Since the best predictor of future behavior is an individual's past behavior, behavior-based interviewing allows an interviewer to learn, with concrete examples, whether the person has the competencies required and whether they can apply these competencies in this situation.

International Staffing

We help clients with worldwide staffing needs deal with the intricacies of the international business community. Our search professionals source and recruit the right talent and create acceptable compensation packages for candidates around the world. As worldwide business opportunities increase, our clients benefit from working with the knowledgeable international staffing experts in the MRI network. They answer sensitive questions, advise on strategic planning issues and deliver first-hand information on complex international business issues that affect your global staffing picture. It's one more reason to use Management Recruiters of Chicago-Far West as the single source for all your staffing needs. You don't have to waste your time and resources working with multiple recruiters. We act as your project manager, providing our worldwide partners with the relevant and necessary information they need to complete the project. You receive one streamlined and coordinated response.

The MRI Network gives you direct access to talent in the following countries:

Czech Republic
Hong Kong
New Zealand
Puerto Rico
South Africa
South Korea
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
United States

Project Outsourcing

We offer a truly unique service for large scale staffing initiatives. Made possible through the extensive global network of MRI and a partnership with our parent company, CDI, we leverage the diverse, yet complementary, staffing capabilities of both organizations for clients needing high-volume, broad-based and complex hiring solutions. This is the only program within the industry capable of executing a high-touch methodological approach to recruitment on a large and global scale.

Serving as the managed outsourcing or project management resource, the team works with clients to define staffing needs and to develop an end-to-end hiring strategy. The MRI and CDI team offers clients multiple benefits, which include:
  • New Level of Cost Efficiency aimed at reducing the total cost of talent for global organizations by consolidating and standardizing the recruitment effort.
  • Market Expansion with an MRI network that is continually active pursuing placements in over 70 countries, we are uniquely positioned to help world-class companies accelerate international expansion and new market penetration in the twenty-first century global economy. MRI and CDI harness the best qualities of a global business with local and sector knowledge of industry and cultural norms in all major categories
    • Permanent placement
    • Contract staffing
    • Managed Outsourcing
    • Vendor on premise

The elements of every client relationship include:
  • Customized Program Management enabling HR directors the flexibility to design the program management to mirror their own corporate structure. This approach allows HR departments to gain a more detailed and holistic understanding of their investment in talent, while allowing them to centralize or decentralize the process based on the companies hiring practices.
  • Internal Controls ensuring consistent, quality service, with all participating recruitment professionals adhering to global standards and best practices.
  • Reliability based on the foundation of 40 years of success through the MRI network, which is comprised of over 1000 offices, operating in over 70 countries.

Video Conferencing

MRI created ConferView, its 400-site videoconferencing network, to allow clients to conduct face-to-face interviews with long-distance candidates.

Using ConferView to conduct interviews offers the advantages of:
  • Saving Travel Time and Expense: Busy clients conduct candidate interviews without spending unnecessary time and expense traveling to interview locations.
  • Multiple Interviews: Clients conduct multiple-candidate interviews to help narrow the selection and use videotapes of interviews for viewing by other staff members.
  • State-of-the-Art Technology: ConferView uses the latest digital compression technology to provide live, interactive interview setting where clients not only see and speak directly with candidates, but also observe body language and other subtleties involved in the interview process.

Other ConferView applications include:
  • Meetings: Up to 120 ConferView sites can be simultaneously linked, allowing clients to use the network for business events, such as sales meetings, regional meetings, inter-office meetings, news conferences or new product introductions.
  • Training Sessions: ConferView can be scheduled for one-hour, one-day or one-week training sessions or seminars with participants gathering at multiple locations. Sessions are conducted from the ConferView site closest to the moderator.

Compatibility Assessment

Selecting candidates for positions in your company can be an enormous risk. While you can identify their experience and credentials, you can't see their behavior. What's more, they can't see your company's management style or corporate culture. That's where SelecSys can be a valuable tool to verify that candidates and companies are a right fit.

First, SelecSys provides a custom profile of the ideal personality characteristics needed for any given occupation. Next, SelecSys provides a detailed insight into the candidate's personality traits. Every person's performance style consists of a combination of four traits - dominance, extroversion, patience and conformity. SelecSys allows you to understand how these traits may affect the candidate's on-the-job performance.

SelecSys then matches the Candidate's Profile with the Job Profile Survey, which results in an extremely accurate compatibility assessment. Imagine being able to add this insight to what you already know about the candidate. It's the interview before the interview.

During the face-to-face interview, behavior-based questions provided by SelecSys help you predict a candidate's adaptability and effectiveness in your organization.

Once new hires are on board, SelecSys helps them hit the ground running with positive prescriptive feedback on their interaction with co-workers. You can even have profiles made of entire employee teams, match them with one another and gain insights that will improve communication and productivity.

Numbers don't lie. But that doesn't mean you can't beat them. Statistics simply don't favor the hiring process. Personality conflicts cause 87% of all job failures. And the accuracy rate - the attainment of right-fit candidates - is typically a mere 15%. With SelecSys, you can beat these odds and boost your accuracy rate to 80%. After interviewing 9 million people, we know how to do it. And now thanks to SelecSys, so do you.

Relocation Services

Quite often in the recruitment process, relocation becomes a major stumbling block.  We have partnered with FAS Relocation Network to offer a comprehensive menu of value-added relocation services that serves both our clients and our candidates.  These services include: 

  • Cost-of-Living Analysis/City Profile:  MRI profiles more than 700 U.S. and Canadian cities to determine the net effect relocation has on an employee's income.  Profile information includes: cost-of-living indices, housing and rental information, weather, population, taxes, crime rates, health care, elder care, day care, education information and much more.
  • Home Marketing:  To help sell a new employee's home as quickly as possible, MRI home marketing service accurately matches and selects top real estate agents to work with each employee.  Agents provide a comprehensive market review, a complete marketing plan and other professional information and support to sell homes in the most efficient manner.
  • Home Finding:  This service focuses on matching the new employee's desired home and community characteristics with those in the new area.  Elements include: phone counseling, personalized area information kits, area orientation, VIP community tours, counseling and referral services for child care, elder care and spousal employment.
  • Special Mortgage Services:  Employees receive special VIP access to leading national lenders, a dedicated team of mortgage counselors, preferred rates, savings on closing costs, more liberal qualifying ratios, credit for accompanying spouse income, free pre-qualification letter and a quick loan decision.
  • Reduced Moving Costs:  Through a special move-management program, clients benefit from special savings and discounts negotiated with the country's leading van lines.  These include more than a 50% reduction (from full tariff rates) on all interstate moves, free insurance/valuation, discounted storage services, waived peak season charges and special rates for cars.
  • Home Buy-out Programs/Expense Tracking:  MRI offers a complete menu of closing services, including a guaranteed purchase offer, amended value sale and buyer value option.   In addition, this service manages the expense payout and reimbursement function, including report auditing, data entry, payroll department interface and more.  Nominal fees are charged for these services.
  • Other Services:  In addition to the above, the following services are also offered at no cost to the client or candidate:  address change notification, assistance in finding temporary corporate housing or home rentals; investment, financial planning and insurance counseling and an educational library.

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