Buying a Franchise

This is an exciting time to be in business. Recruiting is changing and we're changing. MRI is growing into a multifaceted Human Resources company.

The beauty of owning an MRI franchise is that people can use their past experiences and apply them to a new career. Individuals take the relationships they've nurtured throughout their careers, plus their industry knowledge of banking, sales and marketing, engineering, IT, telecommunications, human resources, or any other field, and combine them with MRI's sophisticated training and systems to become successful.

An MRI franchisee has the ability to work in a professional atmosphere with more flexibility than many other businesses. They can work practically anywhere they want. They can choose to have a small office or build a very large business. They are in complete control of their own destinies. And as their priorities change, they can adjust the business to fit their lifestyle.

MRI continues to be the number one staffing firm in the world with over 1,000 offices. We make over 45,000 placements each year. No other firm approaches us when it comes to leveraging that strength - domestically and internationally. Being part of a large organization is more important than ever because clients want the one-stop-shopping experience a global player can provide.

What are some of the characteristics it takes to be successful in owning an MRI franchise? You must have an entrepreneurial spirit and an aptitude in sales. You must be able to handle the day to day administrative tasks of running your own small business while providing leadership and guidance to your employees. You must use all available resources to maintain a high level of activity. If this sounds like the opportunity you've been looking for, please contact for more information.